Birth chart readings are now... Pay what you can/koha

What it is: an 80 minute birth chart reading with Clare Marcie of Hungry Moon Astrology over Zoom. Find out more about Clare by clicking here.

What it costs: I'm trialing a 'pay what you can'/koha model, with the option to exchange a reading for something you can give eg. you're a visual artist and can offer to send an art print to me in exchange for a reading 

What you’ll gain:

- Clarity on your unique strengths and challenges, empowering you to navigate life with confidence, self-awareness and renewed inspiration.

- Practical tools and insights to support your personal growth and decision-making.

- A deeper connection to yourself and a sense of wonder as you explore the depths of your cosmic blueprint

I'm passionate about helping you to connect with the wisdom of your birth chart. Whether you’re astro curious or a secret astrology nerd who’s keen to learn more, I’m excited to connect with you. Book your personalized reading today!

What to Expect During Your Reading:

This will depend on your level of knowledge, as I tailor the reading to suit the individual. The reading will be a collaborative discussion, focusing on what you're most interested in learning about yourself. Generally, it will include:

  • Your "Big Three": We'll explore your Sun sign (where you shine), Moon sign (how you reflect), and Rising sign (your sense of purpose).
  • Chart ruler: We'll identify the planet that rules your birth chart, revealing its impact on your strengths, motivations, and potential life path.
  • Day vs. Night: We'll delve into the concept of sect (day or night dominance in your chart), offering insights into your overall energy and approach to life.
  • Other influences: We'll discuss other themes present in your chart, including current planetary transits (how current planetary movements might be affecting your life).


Book your reading today!

🤔 Would an evening session work better for you? Send me an email with 3 different evening options and I'll see what I can do 😊


"I recently had the pleasure of Clare completing a birth chart reading for me. Clare's expertise in astrology goes beyond the stars – she is a true storyteller, weaving together the details of my birth chart with my personality and life journey." - Ingrid

“Clare is a talented astrologer…It was clear she’d gone above and beyond with research for my birth chart reading. Her warm personality made this a fun and illuminating experience and left me feeling empowered in this new knowledge about myself and the wider universe.” - Lillie

Clare's passion for astrology and her caring nature made her the perfect person to deliver my first-ever chart reading…Clare was able to convey the magnificence of what having access to your chart means while honing in on main points for me to easily digest. Ngā mihi nui, Clare!” - Jordan

 "I had no idea what to expect going into the session but was interested to learn. Clare took care to make me feel safe and comfortable at the start of the session  and from there it was a really engaging discussion in which Clare guided me to understand the nuances of my chart." - Anonymous

"I found my session with Clare to be really empowering. Her comprehensive knowledge of astrology and clear communication meant that she was able to distill complex topics into clear and understandable information." - Kristin

This offering is NOT right for you if you…

- think astrology is a load of woo woo nonsense 

- prefer to meet up in person

- prefer to learn in groups

- want to know definitive predictions about the future

- are looking for instant answers or magical solutions to life's complexities

- are struggling with mental health to a degree that requires professional support such as a trained therapist

- are uncomfortable sharing basic birth information (date, time, location) or providing personal context (but please note that I will never pressure you to divulge any information you’re uncomfortable sharing)

- are not prepared to invest in yourself or prioritize self-discovery


Terms & Conditions of Service

By booking any of my products or services, you are agreeing to the following terms, conditions and legal disclaimers:


  • Your reading is officially confirmed once you’ve  booked a slot via Calendly. 
  • After the reading I'll send you an invoice based on the amount you've agreed to pay and/or you can send me another form of koha that we've mutually agreed to
  • I’m willing to offer to up to two reschedules, provided you let me know via email 24 hours before your original reading is scheduled
  • I reserve the right to cancel or reschedule any appointments for any reason. 


Technological requirements: 

  • Your reading will be conducted over Zoom, and a link will be sent to you ahead of the reading. 
  • You have a quiet space for the allotted time of your reading, and all the necessary technological requirements are in place in order to engage smoothly over Zoom, including but not limited to: good internet connection, a functioning webcam and a functioning microphone. 
  • If you’re new to Zoom video conferencing, please follow these instructions



  • You understand that astrological readings are for educational, spiritual and entertainment purposes only, and cannot guarantee any particular outcome. Astrological consultations should not replace professional advice in areas like finance, law, health, or mental well being/psychological guidance. 
  • You agree to be responsible for your own choices and actions. 
  • You agree that Clare Marcie of Hungry Moon Astrology is not liable for any outcomes based on actions or decisions made by you as a result of a reading. 
  • You confirm that you are at least 18 years old.


Any questions? Feel free to email me at