A peach vertical banner with a half moon logo with teeth and an eye. text in it's mouth reads: Hungry Moon Astrology

Hungry Moon Astrology

Why Hungry Moon?

The name of my new astrology venture is a loving tribute to a planet in my own chart.

In my natal chart, I have a 'fallen' moon in Scorpio. In traditional astrology, the moon rules Cancer, and is exalted in Taurus. In Scorpio, the moon is uncomfy, and can be emotionally intense, secretive, intuitive and shadowy. 🖤💀🦂

When I learnt about my moon, I felt witnessed in a way I never had when just using my sun sign. It was confronting, and oddly relaxing.

Often in astrology, we look for the 'good' parts of our chart, and avoid or fear the 'bad'. But for me, it’s the 'bad' parts of my chart that teach and challenge me the most. They’re symbolic of the parts of myself that aren’t shiny or presentable or appropriate.

And as a way for me to resist the impulses we all feel in this modern age towards the shiny, the tidy, the easy, the compliant, I embrace my spiky Scorpio moon. Hence the name: Hungry Moon Astrology.

The beautiful logo for Hungry Moon astrology was created by my talented friend Lillie Balfour

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