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Kia ora, welcome,

I'm Clare (she/her), your friendly neighbourhood astrologer!

I've recently completed a course in Hellenistic astrology under Chris Brennan's guidance (over 100 hours deep!).

Inspired by Chani Nicholas and the rich tradition of astrology, my style integrates ancient wisdom with modern insights. With my airy intellect and watery heart, I use astrology for self-reflection, practical planning, and compassionate self-understanding.

Other astrologers I admire include (but are not limited to): Diana Rose Harper, Alice Sparkly Kat, Demetra George, Austin Coppock and Kirah Tabourn.

Want to learn more about my journey with astrology? Read my article on Ensemble magazine here.

Why Astrology?

Astrology is a completely accidental obsession, which began during my particularly gnarly Saturn return. It’s not the first time I’ve been captivated by complex symbolic languages. My teenage passion for Shakespeare began at 12, culminating in a Masters in Classical & Contemporary Text (acting) and a residency at Shakespeare's Globe in London. I draw this parallel because both Shakespeare and astrology can seem bewildering – some dismiss them, while others are daunted. However, I’ve seen how powerful both can be when rigorously understood and embodied. Shakespeare's plays, fully felt by the actors, can be a deeply moving gift for an audience. Likewise, astrology, when thoughtfully practiced, can offer deep insights for clients. 

My curiosity about astrology deepened in 2020, through the work of Chani Nicholas and Chris Brennan. Inspired by both modern and traditional approaches, my focus now lies in Hellenistic astrology. 2023 marked my commitment to Chris Brennan's Hellenistic astrology course, and I haven't looked back! 

Much like Shakespeare’s plays, astrology isn't for everyone, and I don’t take it personally if it isn’t your thing. But if you love a good metaphor, and enjoy self reflection, then you’re probably my kind of person.

You can now book a birth chart reading with me! For more info, visit the services page of this website. 

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    The Hellenistic Astrology Course  Chris Brennan ( August 2023 - June 2024) The Astrology School 



    MA in Classical & Contemporary Text - Acting (2014)  Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

    BA in Theatre & English Literature (2011)  Te Herenga Waka - Wellington

    Digital skills for the workplace (2024) academyEX