Is Mercury in retrograde? The major astrological events for the rest of 2024

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This article was first published by Ensemble Magazine on 1st July 2024

For a quick recap, some major stuff went down astrologically speaking between January and June of this year. We had an eclipse season (Solar eclipse in Aries (north node) and Lunar eclipse in Libra (south node), we started the year inside a Mercury retrograde, then had another one in Aries in April, Jupiter and Uranus met up in Taurus for the first time in 83 years on April 21, and Jupiter ingressed into Gemini for the first time in 12 years on May 26. 

Tonally, January through to June has been mostly good, with the exception of April which was astrologically quite a rough month.

The rest of the year is broadly a bit more of a mixed bag, and gets tough towards the end, but still includes some shimmering moments. Below are the key astrological dates for the rest of 2024 in NZT. I’ve also included some very simple monthly summaries, but I highly recommend referring to your own birth chart to gain a better understanding of where these transits will be showing up for you.


The Sun’s in Cancer

  • 🌑 New moon in Cancer at 10:57am 6th July NZT
  • 💥 Mars Conjunct Uranus (26°19 Taurus) 2:04am 16th July NZT
  • 🌕 Full moon in Capricorn at 10:17pm on 21st July NZT
  • 💝Venus (in Leo) sextiles Jupiter (in Gemini) at 8:43am on 22nd July NZT
  • 🦁 Sun enters Leo 7:44pm 22nd July NZT

Simple summary:

We’re called to nurture, then some explosive wildness rocks the boat, before an increase of confidence, connection and growth lights our way. 


The Sun’s in Leo

  • 🌑 New moon in Leo at 11:13pm on 4th August NZT
  •  🙉  Mercury Retrograde in Virgo and Leo 5th – 29th August NZT
  •  🧯 Mars Conjunct Jupiter (16°40 Gemini) at 3:22 am, August 15th NZT
  • 🚧 Mars (in Gemini) Square Saturn (in Pisces) at 5:30 pm, 16th August NZT
  • 🌕 Full moon in Aquarius at 6:25am on August 29th
  •  🏛️ Jupiter (in Gemini) Square Saturn (in Pisces) at 9:46 am, 20th August NZT
  • ♍Sun enters Virgo at 2:55am August 23rd NZT
  • ❤️➡️♎Venus enters Libra on 30th August

Simple summary:

Creative energy disrupted by communication hiccups, then optimism and reality clash before we shift into analysis mode with a dose of honey as the month wraps up. 


The Sun’s in Virgo

  • 🐐 Pluto Re-Enters Capricorn at 12:10 pm on 2nd September NZT
  • 🌑 New moon in Virgo at 1:55pm on 3rd September NZT
  • 🌊 Mars (in Gemini) Square Neptune (in Pisces) at 4:10 pm on 3rd September NZT
  •  🥀 Venus Conjunct the South Node (6°39 Libra) at 11:44 am, 4th September NZT
  • 🎁Venus (in Libra) Trine Jupiter (in Gemini) at 5:34 pm, 15th September NZT
  • 🐲  Lunar North Node Eclipse (25°40 Pisces) at 2:34 pm, 18th September NZT
  • ⚖️Sun enters Libra on 23rd Sept
  • 🎤 Mercury Conjunct the South Node (6°38 Libra) at 1:09 pm, 30th September NZT

Simple summary:

We look back at where we’ve been, and things get blurry as we confront old patterns. There are opportunities here for us to blossom in our connections and dreams if we communicate with open minds and let go of old baggage. 


The Sun’s in Libra

  • 🕯️ Solar South Node Eclipse (10°03 Libra) at 7:49 am, 3rd October NZT
  • 🌕 Full moon in Aries 12:26am, 18th October NZT
  • 🦂 Sun enters Scorpio at 11:15am, on 23rd October NZT

Simple summary:

With the final Libra eclipse of the series, we have one more chance to shed relationship patterns that no longer serve us. Then, the Mars ruled signs of Aries and Scorpio usher us into action and transformation. 


The Sun’s in Scorpio

  • 🌑 New moon in Scorpio 1:47am, 2nd November NZT
  • 🔎  Mars (in Cancer) Opposite Pluto (in Capricorn) at 12:37 am, 4th November NZT
  • 💫 Venus (in Sagittarius) Opposite Jupiter (in Gemini) at 4:25 am 4th November NZT
  • 🌕 Full moon in Taurus at 10:28am, 16th November NZT
  •  👾 Pluto Re-Enters Aquarius 👾 at 9:30 am, 20th November NZT
  • ♐Sun enters Sagittarius at 8:56am, 22nd November NZT
  • 🐵Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius, November 26th – December 16th, 2024

Simple summary:

Shadow work may unearth some spicy stuff for us to shift, followed by a buoyant and pleasurable period as we get inspired for some new adventures. Expect a few miscommunications when Mercury turns retrograde. 


The Sun’s in Sagittarius

(And Mercury is retrograde at the start of the month)

  • 🌑 New moon in Sagittarius at 7:21pm, 1st December NZT
  • ⏮️ Mars Retrograde in Leo and Cancer 7th December, 2024 – February 24th, 2025 NZT
  • 🌕 Full moon in Gemini 10pm, 15th December NZT
  • ➡️ Mercury stations direct at 10am, 16th December NZT
  • 🎁Venus (in Aquarius) trine Jupiter (in Gemini) at 3:10pm on 20th December NZT
  • ♑Sun enters Capricorn at 10:20pm on 21st December NZT
  • 🚦 Jupiter (in Gemini) Square Saturn (in Pisces) at 10:59 am on 25th December NZT
  • 🌑 New moon in Capricorn at 11:25am on 31st December NZT

Simple summary:

We start off by reviewing our adventures, then shift into a reevaluation of our passions and drives. Communication will ease, and some intellectual pleasures will soften these reflection processes, but reality checks and practical matters may feel restrictive as we round out the year. 

Stay tuned for 2025 😉